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I Love Bodywork! is a Las Vegas based bodywork and yoga company
created by Megan Beers LMT 200-RYT, in 2017. The goal of I Love
Bodywork! Is to offer the Las Vegas and Henderson community with
positive, knowledgeable and effective bodywork and Yoga!

I felt that the communities of people I had been working with over
the years had a bigger need to be met. They needed more information,
more compassion and motivation, better referrals and most importantly
they needed well rounded bodyworkers with experience and education to
give them individualized support and effective treatments." - Megan Beers

I Love Bodywork! Is here for you!
Let us work our magic and relieve your pain and tension through
customized, relaxing massage and bodywork. Learn how to work with your
injuries to increase healing and decrease pain! Megan offers a variety
of customized routines, stretches and exercises for home carryover. Have
questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to support you!